New Building Premises – Fall 2021


At this time of new beginnings, we are excited to share with you a SUDDENLY that God surprised us with. A few weeks ago, God led Rania to a recently refurbished rental property which amazingly meets all our requirements at the present time. The space is 200 square meters divided into two main areas: the first area is already renovated to be used as a coffee area and can also be used for training and fellowship for about 30-35 people, the second hall can be used for the prayer room, regular meetings and training days for youth and women for about 75-80 people. There is also a space for an office. Please see the video below for more info about this opportunity. The owner turned out to be a classmate of Rania’s from 30 years ago! The space is available to rent for now but there is a possibility that it will be for sale in the future with an option of including another floor. After some time in prayer we felt to move forward with this new building opportunity, we are now in a time of preparing the space and will be moving on the 1st of November.

We are so grateful to everyone who gave already towards the purchase of a new building. We will continue to search for a property that we can buy, either in the same building that we are renting, or at a different location as the Lord leads. All the funds donated for the purchase of a new property will be reserved for that purpose only. To donate towards the rental property, please select [New Building Operational Costs] when you give.