Prophetic Vision and Confirmations for HOPE’s New Building

At the end of last year, Rania began to search for real estate agents that she could partner with to find the best new premises for HOPE. Our present location has been blessed by God but has become too small for many of our activities. God connected Rania with a former classmate from 30 years ago. This led to the initial property purchase opportunity which we wrote about in January. Many of you, our friends and family, gave generously towards this vision. The funds given have been set aside for this purpose as soon as God opens the door for us to buy a property.

In the meantime, over the summer, God stirred Rania’s heart to search for a larger property again. Another former classmate showed her a property for rent which was about to be vacated. It consisted of a meeting room with a separate coffee area and office space, exactly fitting HOPE’s requirements. As Rania visited the property and shared the vision with close friends and HOPE’s Board Members, God began to remind her of long forgotten words and promises.

Yahweh says:
“When the time of showing you favor has come,
I will answer your heart’s cry.
I will help you in the day of salvation,
for I have fixed my eyes on you.
I have made you a covenant people to restore the land
and to resettle families on forgotten inheritances…
Lift up your head and look all around you.
See! All your children, your builders, gather to come back to you.
As surely as I live, I make this promise,” says Yahweh.
“You will wear them all like jewels,
as a radiant bride wears her beautiful jewelry!..
You thought you had lost the children,
but you will hear them say,
‘This place is too cramped for me.
Make more room for me to live in.’”

Isaiah 49:8, 18, 20 TPT

Please watch the video to hear more about how God led Rania and the many confirmations that He gave through Scripture and trusted friends.