Change of Date for Upcoming Arab Deborahs Conference

Due to the reintroduction of restrictions on the numbers of people gathering together, we are postponing the upcoming Arab Deborahs Arising Conference.

Please pray for God’s perfect timing when He will allow us to gather, particularly for Israel’s borders to open to allow our international team members to join us. Please see the prayer section for more details on praying for this event.

Song of Songs Teaching by Orna Grinman – 11th June 2021

41 Arab Women leaders from across the land gathered at the Golden Crown Hotel on Mount Precipice, Nazareth for the first day of training after the pandemic. They were joined by several precious Jewish Messianic sisters.

Orna Grinman spoke in the second and final sessions about the journey of the Shunamite in Song of Songs. She shared that communication is the most important part of a marriage. The bride and groom start their life together by saying “I do” – so also, we start our journey with Yeshua by saying that we want to be part of His bride. In the first verses of Song of Songs, the bride is talking about the bridegroom and saying that she wants to know HIm more intimately but she is not talking to Him. Then in verse 3, she addresses him directly. Something can be on our hearts but there is still a long journey to get there. The bride wants intimacy (1:4). There may be many others entering the rooms with her, she can’t make this journey alone.

1:5 As soon as the Shunamite declares her intention of moving deeper into intimacy with the bridegroom, she sees herself as both dark and lovely. The sun, the world, has darkened her. This is what happens whenever we ask God to go deeper into Him, we see both the dark and the beautiful. God shows us the darkness that is still in us but he doesn’t leave us, he purifies us. In His light, we see things that we didn’t see before. Still in all our congregations here in the land, we make this mistake in that after salvation we are ashamed to say that we still have areas of darkness. We need to be real with one another. When we are together as the bride, we often still have legalism and shame rather than openness, humility and healing.

1:6 The vineyard is a symbol of the heart. The Shunamite has had a hard life, she worked hard in the heat of the sun. She blames others and thinks that they have made her this way, this is a sign of the victim spirit. It is true that her brothers had authority over her to send her to work in the vineyards, but she had full authority over her own heart – how she responded and what she chose to dwell on. It’s hard for us to see our own part in the brokenness. We blame others – maybe a teacher, a co-worker or a husband. When we look at the global Bride of Messiah, we see many, many broken hearts. What do I do when my heart is hurting? When someone mistreats me? Do I blame others or do I take care of my own vineyard/heart? Invite Yeshua into this place. When I am angry and resentful, Yeshua is not on His holy throne in my heart – I am sitting there in His place. The bride asks to go deeper into His presence. Whenever we ask to go nearer, God shows us what is in our own hearts that needs confession, repentance and forgiveness. Every hurt and pain in my heart needs healing (Psalm 66:18).

1:7 The bride asks to know where to find the bridegroom during the heat of the day, the hardest part of the day. She is kind of resentful, why can’t she just be herself? Why isn’t it enough for me to ask you to draw me after you? Why doesn’t He answer my prayers? At times like this, I don’t want to pray, but I also don’t want my heart to become harder and darker. Can I invite Yeshua into this place and sit with Him as He works on my heart? If you are really hungry for more of Him, don’t be angry, don’t hide who you are, don’t be shy or ashamed.

1:8 The answer comes for the Shunamite to follow the tracks of the sheep, to join with all the others who are part of the Bride of Messiah. This isn’t a journey that can be taken alone. Where there are shepherds (pastors), they should know the condition of the hearts of the sheep.

Song of Songs 2:4&6 “Let him lead me to the banquet hall and let his banner over me be love…His left arm is under my head and his right arm embraces me.” Often we feel that God is far away but He is right there so close with one arm holding us and the other embracing us.

2:8 When I go deeper into Him, suddenly everything gets harder. The mountains are easy for Yeshua; He leaps over the mountains of health, finances, relationships, ministry…

2:9 Our personalities put up walls but God looks for even a small opening, a window. Our defence barriers stop even those that we would like to invite to come closer. But God already knows everything about us. The bride needs to come to a place of readiness to invite Him in.

2:10 The bridegroom tells her what she needs to do. Don’t be passive! Get up! Get away from everything that holds you back. You are free. Yeshua has already paid the price. He gave you everything you need.

2:13 When we get up out of our prisons, we will start to bear fruit. When He sets us free, we start to blossom.

2:14 God speaks to each one of us, He tells us what He wants. He wants to hear your voice.

2:15 The vineyard of the bride’s heart is bearing its first blossom and fruit but already the foxes want to steal and destroy. The bride needs to let go of her victim mentality and see that she can take responsibility for her own life and the decisions that she makes. How should she respond when others mistreat her? Before she was passive and didn’t act. Now the bridegroom is waiting for her to take action and invite Him into these areas. He can train her to catch the foxes.

Chapter 3

3:1-2 The bride thinks that everything is fine with her heart. She sees herself as the one doing all the hard work in the relationship. It seems that the bridegroom is not doing anything. But she has already forgotten what he told her in Chapter 1:8 and 2:15. He told her to follow the tracks of the sheep. He told her to catch the foxes. She instead goes to search for Him in the city. He has been speaking to her about the dark, difficult things in her life. His answers were not what she wanted to hear. She didn’t get the answer that she was looking for, but He said “Go!” (the Hebrew is Lech but it is mostly translated in English as come!) Before I can get a specific word about my life, I need to let Him clean my heart from the darkness.

3:3 The watchmen found her. They are there for the town’s security and represent things in our life that give us false security and false refuge. Something or someone that I turn to instead of (or before) turning to God. We need to pay attention to what is heavy on our hearts, what is bothering us, and invite Yeshua into those places.

Chapter 3:6-4:15 is the song of the Bride. The journey of an individual relationship becomes a group/corporate relationship with the Beloved.

Chapter 5

The sound of the Lord is someone (Genesis 3:8)

5:3 This verse shows the contradiction in the heart of the Bride. She went to look for the Bridegroom by night and yet when He comes to her she doesn’t want to open up for Him. This happens with us too, all the thoughts that come to us when we are invited into His presence – housework, accounts, work tasks, ministry. But God is faithful and will come through even a small opening in our defences. When the bride finally opens, the Bridegroom isn’t there. God doesn’t answer as we expected or in the timing we wanted. Maybe you asked God for something and He answered with something deep. Invite Him into those problems. He is calling you deeper into Him. God heals us but often, a month later we are back in the same place of brokenness. This time when she turns to her false refuge, it is harmful for her. God had taken her out of that place but she turned back and it was more difficult this time.

5:16 echoes the opening verses of Song of Songs: “His mouth is sweetness itself; he is altogether lovely.”

Chapter 6:1
Until now, the bride has been on a journey alone. But now she is connected with others on the same journey. Go and search for Him together.

6:4-9 These verses describe how God sees His bride.

6:13 (7:1 in Hebrew) The Shunamite is distracted again by those around her.

Chapter 7
The journey of the Bride now includes the hearts of others. 7:11-12 She invites the Bridegroom to come with her to work in the hearts of those around her. We can become busy serving and doing, but then our hearts might dry up.

Chapter 8
8:1-4 Healing comes in going back to the Bridegroom and spending time in His presence.

8:8-9 In the beginning, the brothers didn’t care for the bride – they didn’t even see her! Now she has glory, strength and weight (kavod in Hebrew). Whenever we give God the dark places in our hearts, He puts His light in us so that others can see.

8:12 The bride now cares for her vineyard. She has taken ownership of it and responsibility for caring for her heart.

Arab Deborahs Gathering Praise Report Nazareth June 2021

41 Arab Women leaders from across the land gathered at the Golden Crown Hotel on Mount Precipice, Nazareth for the first day of training after the pandemic. They were joined by several precious Messianic Jewish sisters.


Rania Sayegh welcomed the women and introduced the theme for the training:

“Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is as strong as death, jealousy as cruel as the grave; its flames are flames of fire, a most vehement flame.”
Song of Songs 8:6

She led everyone in a prophetic act of exchanging the red roses that they had received at the beginning.

Jesra Adrenally led the opening time of worship with songs of adoration and longing for the bridegroom, Jesus, to return. Rose Obied then spoke about the love of the Father from the parable of the prodigal son. She challenged us not to be motivated by duty, as the older son had been, but to receive the Father’s love. When we are filled with the Father’s love, we will not see the faults in others but rather find ways to encourage and build one another up. It was only the love of the Father that brought the prodigal home.


Rania Sayegh continued this session on the need for the bride to be filled with the Holy Spirit, “that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish” Ephesians 5:27. The troubles in this world will increase but each birth-pang or trouble only makes us stronger. God wants to anoint His bride with wine and oil. She shared her recent vision of the bride in the field of wheat. The Jewish sisters shared the differences between Jewish and Arabic wedding customs, especially as an orthodox Jewish bride will enter the wedding ceremony without her face covered so as not to repeat Laban’s deception (Genesis 29:21-30)! Wine and oil are mentioned in connection to the harvest and the threshing floor in Psalm 140:15 and Joel 2:24. This threshing floor separates the bride from the thoughts of this world. She separates herself from Babel. If we don’t go to the threshing floor, we can’t enter into His glory. Also, in 2 Samuel 24:16, the plague stopped at the threshing floor. This later became the site of the Temple. Each of the women there received the challenge to turn every line of Song of Songs into a prayer.


Ikhlas Sadran led the worship for the second session with songs of love for our bridegroom Jesus.


Chaya Mizrachi and her daughter Oiel blessed the women and prayed for Orna Grinman before she began to speak. Orna then shared about the journey of the Shunamite in Song of Songs. Communication is the most important part of a marriage. The bride and groom start their life together by saying “I do” – so also, we start our journey with Yeshua by saying that we want to be part of His bride. Intimacy can be on our hearts but there is still a long journey to get there! Song of Songs traces the journey of the Shunamite from her initial desire, through hills and valleys to the fulfilment of their covenant of love. Throughout the journey, the bride becomes more aware of herself – her identity, calling and responsibility – and the condition of her heart and that of those around her. Orna encouraged each leader to consider their place in the Body of Messiah. We are each a part but what part are we? A finger, a part of the circulation system, an ear?

After the final session, one of the Arab women, Lena, shared a recent dream in which she had been walking with her children through an area like a swamp. As she walked, she began to sink into the swamp and felt that the water would swallow her up. She cried out to the Lord for help and all of a sudden a woman appeared with dark curly hair, wearing a dark orange shirt. The woman made a hole in the mountain which became a tunnel. Lena walked through this tunnel to safety. When she arrived at the hotel on the morning of the gathering, she saw Rania wearing this same colored top and she felt that this meeting would be part of the path of freedom for her.

The gathering ended with Celeste Dabbagh sharing a beautiful painting of an oil lamp that she had painted during the lockdowns.

Arab Deborahs Meeting with Barbara Yoder

Rania and Barbara Yoder led a powerful meeting for the Arab women leaders during the afternoon of Friday 26th February. 50 women from congregations across Israel joined the call and were encouraged by the prophetic message’s youth worship team opened the session with anointed worship, Rania prayed for healing and Barbara taught on staying anchored in times of trouble.

Barbara shared that almost a year before the global corona lockdowns, God had been speaking with her about removing old mindsets and practices to be ready for the new. At that time, she could not imagine how God could possibly do that. Although this last year has been a very difficult one, it has also been a precious time of drawing closer to God. She encouraged the Arab Deborahs to stay SAFE – Secure in their relationships with God through His Word and His voice,  Assess the problem and be sure to only stay in the area God has called you to, Follow your leaders as they follow Christ, and Establish a history with God.

Arab Deborahs Virtual Gathering 25th November

33 Arab women leaders from Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Haifa and the Galilee gathered for a special online meeting with Mama Lilo Keller of Schleife Stiftung Ministries and Rania Sayegh. This was our first opportunity to meet on-line in many months. Everyone was encouraged by the fellowship, worship and teaching.

Rania shared her vision of 15th October which had led to 21 days of prayer and fasting. In her vision, she saw eagles that were wounded and yet reaching out to help heal those around them. Then she saw a great white eagle approaching. He carried all the eagles away to a high mountain. There he left the eagles to heal and restore. This was a time of waiting for sanctification, healing and restoration of strength. (This vision was recorded in greater detail in the October newsletter).

Mama Lilo shared a vision of a white eagle that she had seen several years ago: “I saw this huge white eagle whose wings were so big that they covered the whole land of Israel from east to west. He flew down from a mountain in the north of Israel and continued to the south, covering the whole land. Fire drops fell from this eagle to the ground below. As the fire fell, the people who were already believers received revival fire. Those who did not yet know the Lord received an instant revelation and began to speak about an encounter with the man, Yeshua. Those receiving the fire were not only Jews and Arabs but also foreigners.”

“Around Yom Kippur 2020, I saw another vision in which this big eagle was joined by many eagles, also carrying fire. As the fire was going out, revelation was sent forth and blessings and healings came. Eagles from many other nations came to join the big white eagle. This was a shift.”

“Now is the time for you to receive help from the nations. You are not alone, even if it seems that you have to fight alone. The Lord is joining the eagles from the nations. Israel has a leading role in the nations. This new man will be created from the people from the nations and the Jewish people. It will happen. Your healing has a purpose – to prepare you for the Lord’s purpose. ”


“So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun; when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him.”
Isaiah 59:19


“This rushing river is a picture of the river of God coming from heaven like a rushing river. God will bring all the blessings from the Holy Spirit. This river is guided by the Holy Spirit. All the blessings, all the freedom belongs to us. We can expect in the next year that these will unfold and that the body of Christ will experience the glory of God in a way like never before in our lives. We will experience the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to bring us to the high places. This will give us the ability to overcome. ”

Women’s Online Prayer 23rd March 2020

We set a time on Zoom to gather together with the Arab mothers of the land who carry authority and influence for the Galilee region and Jerusalem. Rania felt led from 2 Samuel 24 to gather them to build an altar so that God will hear from heaven and stop the plague of coronavirus in Israel.

We began with an act of repentance before the Lord for the bloodshed of the innocent through abortion. Rania had been struck when she heard a woman from England share how God had spoken to her through the statistics that she found while searching for the possible percentage of deaths that COVID 19 could cause relative to the population of England. She found a prediction of 8 million people who could die from this plague. She cried out to God in intercession and asked how the enemy could have such a legal right for so many people? To her astonishment, God told her to check how many abortions had taken place in the UK – 8 million babies! That finding was so shocking to her that it brought her to her knees to cry out for mercy and that God would spare the nation of England from the consequences of this sin and from the blood crying out from the ground.

This story moved Rania’s heart and gave her a burden to call the women together to take our position as mothers in the land and stand in the gap and repent for the bloodshed of the innocent babies in Israel among the Arab community. Therefore we gathered to repent together corporately as 19 women came together, sharing hearts, repenting and building an altar to the Lord. Each woman brought 12 stones from her region to carry out this prophetic act.

Priscilla joined us on this call and shared deep thoughts and revelations from the Lord and her personal journey on the matter of abortion in the US and the power of the communion table shared by the body of Christ all around America for declaring the power of the blood of Jesus which is more powerful and speaks louder than the blood of Abel. We felt that the Lord shifted something in the atmosphere of our land on that day. We are so grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to partner with His heart as women of the land and to be used humbly by God to shift the course of history over our nation.

Arab Women’s Training Day in Shefamer 21st February

Rick and Patricia Ridings and Priscilla Zananiri came to be with us for these two training days. 88 women came to Shefamer Church (80 Arab women from many different regions in Israel and 8 internationals). Rania opened the first session with teaching on the theme of Revelation 3:18 about how to sharpen our spiritual eyesight. She shared why it is important in this season to have clear sight and how the Lord deals with His people and prophets to purify them as gold. She used the examples of Job and the testing that he went through, as well as Daniel who came through different hard tests in his life but was then trusted by God for the most strategic end-time prophecies.

In the second session, Priscilla shared about her personal journey in which God had delivered her family when the spirit of death came and tried to take out some of her family members. She shared how God had prepared her beforehand through communion and understanding more deeply the power of the blood which was ultimately the reason her family was spared last Passover. It was a powerful testimony of resurrection power.

Rick and Patricia led the third session and shared about eyesight and throne room/ governmental intercession which is praying from the third heaven. God had led them into this through a series of dreams and visions. God used the seer anointing and the declarations that resulted from it to shift nations.

We ended the day with a special time around the Lord’s table. Priscilla led us, Rania and Rick helped facilitate.

During the women’s meeting, three different worship teams led in powerful Arabic worship.

Arab Deborah’s Arising Women’s Conference Praise Report | 6th -7th September 2019

The most recent Arab Deborahs Arising Women’s Conference was a powerful gathering at the Legacy Hotel in Nazareth. We had 70 Arab women and 4 Jewish women in attendance for this conference. We also had a wonderful international team of 10 people that came alongside us to support and minister to the women of this land in prayer. Some of the international team were from HeartSync ministries.

The vision for this conference was to teach the HeartSync model through training and equipping women in leadership in the Arab Church. Our prayer is that they will use this tool to carry healing to their churches and their communities. We provided each woman with a HeartSync booklet that was translated into Arabic. These booklets are a helpful tool for each of the women to take the HeartSync model to their church communities.

The opening session of the conference began with Rania sharing about the kairos timing of the gathering and the importance of the location for this women’s conference. Just a few meters away from the Legacy Hotel is the Synagogue Church where Jesus declared Isaiah 61, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me…” We believe that God opened for us a scroll at this moment in time as we gathered in Nazareth and that He was releasing to us new revelations of His promise coming to fulfillment. There was a fresh, new power and anointing from the Holy Spirit. Together we stood and declared from Luke 4 that today, “it has been fulfilled upon our hearing.”

It was a great privilege to have Father Andrew, the founder, and director of HeartSync, teach us about healing the broken-hearted through the HeartSync method. During these two days of teaching, we also had powerful times of worship with Ruth Fazal and several Arab worship leaders from different churches. Both days Jesura Adrenaly blessed us all by playing out two chapters from the Bible. The first day she recited aloud Isaiah 61 from memory and acted it out as a drama. She included several women from the audience in this drama that left a deep impact on people’s hearts, many were moved to tears. On the second day, Jesura continued to surprise us by acting out Psalm 18 as a drama, while reading it out loud from heart. The declaration of this Psalm was very powerful, and we felt this Psalm was an opening of a new prophetic season and the closing of the old in our lives.

At the end of each day, we had time for ministering to the women. The first day, we presented a gift of a necklace to each woman that had been donated to us by our Chinese family. There were two kinds of necklaces. One said, “Set me as a seal upon your heart.” And the other said, “Then sings my soul.” As they received the necklace, they also received a time of prayer and ministry. The exciting testimonies of hearts being healed from this day were very encouraging. We have seen eight healing miracles that took place, and six of them were creative miracles such as legs growing!

The second day, we felt the Lord was leading us to end the conference by commissioning each woman and having them go through a fire tunnel. Linda Wyatt, one of our good friends, came with a scarf that she had dipped it in a pool in the U.S. where many were healed and baptized in fire. She felt to bring this scarf with her as a symbolic act of impartation for the Arab women of the land. She also brought some oil from the Bible that is supernaturally flowing with oil in the state of Georgia. Our Jewish sisters also brought us a gift of a bottle of oil shaped like a crown from Jerusalem.

When we had the women pass through the fire tunnel for a time of impartation, the power of God was so tangible underneath the scarf that is was really like an open heaven. Several women were greatly touched by the Lord and others delivered, healed and set free. It was truly like Isaiah 61, “to give the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of heaviness.” This was a glorious ending to this conference. Many women stayed until the end and some stayed even longer just to receive an experience of the heart of the Father and to be commissioned as they leave.