UK, Switzerland and France – May 2017

It’s been such a strategic and busy time in the month of May. Three weeks of travels to 3 nations; England, Switzerland and France were beautiful and strategic.

The Lord opened the door for me to minister in England for 11 days, which was a very strategic and  fruitful time. Karen Gower and Amanda Harris (good friends and the directors of “Your people my People” ministry) hosted me during this time. It has been a real blessing and privilege to minister in the nation: to teach and speak in different conferences, church meetings, and one college. Needless to say this included lots of driving and travel. Much happened during these days as I ended my time in the nation with a strategic prophetic act in Norwich city (in partnership with the house of prayer director, Jill Gower).

The Lord showed me vision before I left for England. I asked Him “How will You establish Your throne of Glory over the UK?” He responded by showing me a vision. I saw over each country forming the United Kingdom the faces of the four creatures in the throne:

England – Lion
Wales – Eagle
Ireland – Calf
Scotland – Man

I saw the dynamic among them, the Lion began to roar (England) and when she began to roar the Lion of the Tribe of Judah began to roar over her, I saw the vibration of the sound of the roar went and vibrated to the rest of the countries. The Eagle (Wales) began to raise his wings and screech and then take flight, carried on the sound of the roar.

Then the calf (Ireland) looked like it was behind a cage and as the sound of roar reached the cage, the gate broke open and the calf was released and began to run.

Then the man (Scotland) looked like he his feet were bound, and when the sound of the roar touched his feet it broke the chains and the man was loosed and began to move his feet and danced over the nation!


I felt that as England will arise with its authority as a lion, and release the sound of worship and praise like never before, a new sound would be released in the land. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah will roar in response over the U.K. and the deliverance and victory will manifest in the rising of the identity of these nations, for His throne of glory to be established. There is an alignment that is coming over the nation. The sound of the pride of lions will set things on course and in a new order.

My time in Switzerland was strategic falling during Shavout (Pentecost). I was hosted by our dear friends, an amazing father and mother in Europe, Geri & Lilo Keller. It was such an honor to walk the land with them and pray at strategic wells of revival where God had previously visited. Stepping in the places where God moved and to come into agreement with His heart on what He wants to release once again was amazing. Greater glory is being marked, as this year is the 500 year anniversary for the church reformation.


The last part of the trip ended in Southern France where Ray and Renaid Almgren, a French pastor, and I traveled to Cevennes region where the Huguenots prophetic movement was birthed. We were hosted by Henning whom I met in Norway 2 years ago. He is running the YWAM base in that region. We visit the “desert” museum for the Huguenots. This is a very moving and sobering place. To realize the level of persecution yet perseverance that they endured for their faith during the time period of the church reformation, was beyond words.

On the day of Pentecost we went to the location where Antonio Court declared that churches weren’t any longer allowed to welcome the movement of the Holy Spirit not the utterances of prophesy. On that day we went to that location and prayed to reverse the decree made and welcomed the Holy Spirit back into France, asking the Lord for another fresh outpouring of His Spirit over the region and for France to arise again to become a prophetic voice to the nations. Afterwards we traveled up to the Cevennes mountains. This was a 3KM walk. We continued our climb to a high place called “The Eagles Rock”. There we prayed for the rising of the eagles in France and the nations.


Passover 2017

Passover Season was a memorable one here, followed by a day of training and activation for the women of the region, on the subject of the prophetic. During the seven days of Passover, Briskilla and I traveled around the nation of Israel to pray over the borders of the land. The purpose was for God’s protection, and to see the return of His glory to be made evident. He directed us to strategic cities and sites, covering locations from the north of the land to the south and from the west to east. We believed and decreed, within these boundaries of the nation, that in this season of resurrection power, the winds of the Spirit would blow again over our land. His instruction was, “Before Passover is complete the boundaries of the nation must be re-established and secured”.


Singapore and Norway, 2016

The itinerary took me to Singapore in the beginning of October with my friend Briskilla Zananiri. This was my first visit to this strategic nation in Asia–“the gateway to the far East”. I was invited to attend a strategic gathering called “Antioch 2016”. In this conference I was asked to share, and I felt to share the vision the Lord gave us for the land of Israel; and what God is doing among our people, both Arab women and youth. The privilege to pray with friends for the nation of Singapore–to hear His heart for Singapore was beautiful.

After Singapore, I flew to Kristiansand, Norway to support and stand in prayer with our friend Elin Fagerbekke. Elin and her team were in the midst of their annual women’s conference, where around 1700 women were in attendance. I was given some time to share my heart with the women on the importance of the two nations Norway and Israel partnering together. This was accomplished by the grace of God; along with the subject of Arab women being released into their full destiny, for the fulfillment of God’s end time plan for the reunion of the family of Abraham. Briskilla and I were asked to pray for the land of Israel and bless it’s people. The sweet presence of God was evident during the release of prayers which took place in different Scandinavian languages, as well as Arabic and Hebrew.


Cross Pollination – Three nations trip to Norway, Wales and Northern Ireland

With a thankful heart I would like to share with all of you who prayed and stood with me (Rania) as I traveled to three nations in June: Norway, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

In April, the Lord spoke to me in a vision about Europe. I could see bees flying from other nations into Europe. They were needed and were coming to join the effort for the completion of the work needed in the bee hives to produce and create the honey in the land. Then the words I heard were, “The cross pollination movement is accelerating between Europe and Middle East.” I understood that it was time to cross over into other nations and cross pollinate with leaders and intercessors.


Last year, I was invited to speak as part of a strategic conference on Israel in Norway. This Summit was held by one of the fathers in Norway, Alv Magnus, from YWAM base in Grimmurd from June 6th to 8th. This conference was a product of a few years of labor in the land of Norway; as well as prophetic word which was given to me about the importance of the alignment of Norway to God’s End Time plans for Israel (both the Arabs and Jews), and the Middle East.


78 leaders from the land of Norway were present in this Summit; where we had wonderful times of prayer, fellowship, and teaching. I spoke on the destiny of the Arab people, Ishmael’s descendants, and their role in God’s End Time Plan in the Middle East. For one of the sessions the Lord laid on my heart to release the prophetic word He gave me for Norway, which in its essence is the message of the necessary repentance of Norway as a nation. That night, we experienced a shift in the spirit realm as the leaders responded corporately to stand in the gap for repentance for Norway. We could feel the presence of Holy Spirit and His grace in the room, as hearts broke and humility took precedence. God allowed the partnership with His heart for their nation. I believe it was a pivotal moment in the conference as well as in the atmosphere over the nation.

Along side of me, Avner and Rachel Boskey were invited to teach on God’s heart for the Jewish people, and another speaker from Lebanon spoke on Islam and what God is doing in the Muslim world.


Wales, UK

It’s been a desire in my heart since 2010 to visit the nation of Wales, as the Lord has allowed me to connect with different people from Wales through the years. Something that I have cherished and known to be a “God moment” is the times I have been given coals from the mines of Wales, as a sign for the redemptive gift which Wales carries for the worldwide revival fire–a fire that has spread out to the nations since the breakout of the Welsh revival in 1904.

Our friends Ray and Renaid Almgren from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), had the desire to go to Wales after the Lord spoke to Ray about a 5 nation tour with the purpose of “re-digging wells of revival.” While sharing and praying together, the Lord directed us to visit the first well in Wales together. The timing the Lord spoke to me about was that we are to be there during Shavout (Pentecost).

After Norway I flew to Wales where I was hosted with Ray and Renaid in a home of a friend of mine Qday, who is a Korean brother who lives in Wales and married to an English woman by the name of Bridget. Qday has contended in prayer for years to see the inheritance of Rees Howells being restored. It was a privilege for me to stand with Qday and encourage him in this journey.

I had the privilege of speaking in the Bible College of Wales on Sunday morning service during Pentecost (Shavout) June 12th.

While keeping within the 10 minutes time frame given, to my surprise as I began sharing the pastor, who is Scottish (Mark), asked me to keep going and feel free to take longer time. So, I began to share about the unity that was during Pentecost and shared the testimony of the global day of prayer which took place in Nazareth where Jews and Arabs came together for a time of prayer and repentance. Then I asked Ray and Renaid to come up and release the prophetic word on the prayer movement in Wales. The Holy Spirit came in powerful way that morning. Pastor Mark asked the people to come forward to be prayed for. The Lord moved on hearts–people were touched in deep way by the Holy Spirit.


The Lord opened the door for me to speak in a mission center. With around 60 in attendance that night, we had wonderful time in worship and I felt a fresh release of hope and revelation on people’s hearts as I shared what God is doing in Nazareth, and about His heart and plans for revival among our people in the Middle East.



The vision of this journey was to cross pollinate with leaders, intercessors and also visit the revival wells to receive what God has deposited there. I was deeply moved and touched by the Lord when I entered Moriah Chapel where the Welsh revival broke out. The revival’s origin was because of a young woman by the name of Florrie who said in a youth prayer meeting, “I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart” and she meant it! What a statement that has ignited the fires of revival!


Then visiting the Bible College of Wales, established by Rees Howells was a great inspiration for my life. I was touched by the Lord specially in the blue room, where Rees Howells and his team used to pray and intercede for the nations. There is a tangible presence of the Lord still present till this day in this room, where great battles for nations where won, because of a man who gave himself in total surrender to the Holy Spirit.

I was given the opportunity to share in the Bible College prayer meeting, where the Lord laid on my heart to release the prophetic word the Lord gave me for Wales. The word I received was “Wales is the Whale of Europe, and the Whale is about to move”. This word carries a journey of several prophetic dreams and revelations from the Lord on the prayer movement and the power of travail in prayer. It’s play of words, where “whale” represents the wailing and travailing in prayer until the stage of birthing.


My encounter in this room, was deep where I felt the fire of God all over my whole being. I asked the Lord to grant me such faith to partner with Him in prayer and see great breakthrough as Rees did in the past. My zeal for the Lord and prayer was stirred in deeper way!


I can say that Wales has been the geographical location of a life changing experience for me! I will be sharing in the next newsletter about the visit to Northern Ireland.